Herman Meulendijks

Art and antiques consultant and valuer

Herman Meulendijks

Art and antiques consultant and valuer

Registered certified appraiser and certified auctioneer for art and antiques. Registered certified specialist appraiser of silver, gold and jewellery. Member of the Federation TMV.

Herengracht 460
1017 CA Amsterdam
+ 31 (0) 6 54 70 50 87

Herman Meulendijks started in 2008 as independent art consultant established in the Staetshuys at the Herengracht in Amsterdam.
Herman worked for more than thirty years at Christie's Amsterdam and Geneva as senior director, department head for general valuations and as head specialist for the silver department. Now active as an independent International Consultant for Christie's London.

As an independent art consultant, Herman Meulendijks attends national and international auctions, art fairs and exhibitions and keeps an extensive documentation of works of art. After more than thirty years Herman has many international contacts with private collectors and colleague specialists in the art and antiques world.

Art Mediation


Given the intention to buy or sell works of art, independent advice can be received concerning not just for individual works of art but also concerning their value in relation to an existing collection. Through mediation, an existing collection can be improved or sold in its entirety. When actively approaching the market, privacy, as desired, will be maintained and all activities will be conducted with the utmost discretion.


The way the art market works and independent tailored advice.

Purchase Mediation

Help in finding the art object that best meets the requirements. Assistance with negotiations concerning the price and the procedures involved in completing the transaction.


Initial assessments of works of art concerning their period and style; and advice as to which artists are most important, initial advice concerning budget and investment criteria and possible visits to interesting locations for further orientation are free of charge.

Marketing Research

Research for the desired art and/or antiques can be carried out using the personal network of auction houses, gallery, auction catalogues and databases.

Condition Reports

Advice concerning the general condition, ways of cleaning and/or restoring an art object.

Authentication Reports

A documented opinion on the authenticity of an art object can be obtained.


Negotiations on the purchase price, financial settlement and any professional restoration.

Mediation when Selling

An assessment of the options for selling an object can include advice on how, when and where to sell an art object. Expert advice can be given about selling at auction or via collectors as well as advice on the presentation and marketing.

Search Requests

Search requests can be carried out using the extensive network that is available.


Assessments of art, antiques, gold, silver, objects of vertu and jewellery. Reassessments for insurance purposes, damage assessments, second opinions and assessments of estates for the purpose of partitioning.

Herman Meulendijks.
Certified valuer of gold, silver and jewellery, certified valuer of art and antiques, certified auctioneer, member of the Federation TMV - examiners commissions of art, antiques, gold, silver and jewellery.
SKO professional certifications numbers R 19502, R 19503 and R 19504 under European Standard EN-45013.
Member of the Federation TMV under number 101705.
Chamber of Commerce number 40530226.

mobile: + 31 (0) 6 54 70 50 87
e-mail: artconsult@hermanmeulendijks.com